Best MIG Welder Reviews

11 Best MIG Welder Reviews & Smart Buying Guide (2020)

Best MIG Welder Reviews

When you pass by constructions sites, a welder working his welding skills is a very common site. Whether it is a beautiful sculpture that you are aiming to make or just fixing things around the house, knowing how to weld is quite useful.

​In fact, when you know how to weld, naturally need know how to choose Best MIG Welder Reviews ? you will come across different types of projects that you can use your skills on .

Apparently, the act of welding will not only help you fix things, but it may also help you earn money. In order to get the best out of welding, you need a high-quality welder that perfectly fits your needs and level.

​But, finding the Review when you barely know anything about welding is tough.That’s why we bought some best quality MIG welding machine to Best MIG Welders review .

Moreover, you will find various types of welders available and which one will suit you best is a tough question to answer. Welders are not exactly cheap tools to buy so you cannot just go and buy one either. However, MIG Welders are currently the best option for beginners because of the many benefits it provides that you will soon find out about.

​How the Best MIG Welder will choose for you?

The buying guide we made will tell you about all the things that matter when you are choosing a Best MIG Welders . Moreover, the best MIG welder reviews will give you a head start to finding the best one for you.

​Best MIG Welder for Beginner

Best MIG Welder under 500$

​​​​​​Best MIG Welder under 800$

Best MIG Welder under 1000$

Best MIG Welder for small projects

Best MIG Welder for Dual voltage 

Best MIG Welders -Comparisons  


Product Image Details Price
Hobart Handler 210 MVP Duty Cycle :115 & 220V Amp:90 & 150amps

Hobart ​Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V


Apparently, although it operates with an input power of 115 volts, it is notas weak. In fact, it can handle much thicker and stronger metals easily and leave a find welding performance. However, a problem may occur within.

The welder seems to have misaligned or loose parts in it at times. Forexample, the wire inside may not be aligned properly. Although you can adjustthe speed with a knob, there were reports about the knob being loose enough to turn itself and change speed settings ruining the valuable metal.

Apart from that, this welder is very strongly built and is still quite portable. This is it is quite easy to use. Although it is not the cheapest welder available, it does offer excellent performance.        


  • Quite powerful.
  • Handles various thicknesses well.
  • Suitable for home sources.
  • Good job at welding.
  • Quite portable.
  • Very durable.
  • Easy to use.


  • Loose control knob.
  • Misalignment inside.
  • Quite expensive.
  • May come with missing accessories that are necessary for it to work.

Hobart ​ 190 with Spool Runner 100

Apparently, this unit is quite versatile and flexible as well. In fact, you can adjust the voltage to suit your needs. Furthermore, you can work on thicknesses of 24 gauges.

However, you have to be a bit careful when regulating the gas flow and also voltage because although it is easy to set, the process it follows is not the best for the metal under experiment. Apparently, the welder also comes with a spool gun.

You will find an output power of 25 to 190 amperes. The adjust-ability of this powerful unit is what makes it stand out. A 30% duty cycle means you will need some time to finish the task.

The unit is very easy to set up but you may find the power cord a bit too short. For the price, this welder is as durable as you would expect it to be. If you can deal with the minor inconveniences, you will find that this welder is a gem to own.You want to know about Hobart .


  • Very powerful unit.
  • Can handle various thicknesses easily.
  • Very adjustable.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Well built and durable.
  • Includes a number of accessories.
  • Cons:

    • Quite expensive for home.
    • The power cord is short.
    • The adjustable dials or buttons could be better.
  • Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

    Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG WelderWant to get butter smooth welding results at the fastest pace? Then, thisHobart Handler 210 won’t disappoint you. Apparently, it comes at a much higherprice but with performance and quality suited to its price.You will have no trouble adjusting its voltage settings between the two itoffers- 110 and 230 volts. In fact, it comes with a 210 MVP that makes itversatile enough to operate on an electric source in the house. Furthermore,understanding how it works is very easy as well.But, you will have to develop your own skills to match its pace. It is verycompact in size but a bit heavy. It can work on thick metal really fast andwell so you will really be impressed. However, the spool gun attachments shouldbe more adjustable.Apart from that, the gas regulator is not that great either. Otherwise, thewelder provides great value for the price it comes at and lasts quite long.


    • Compact and easy to store and move.
    • Very fast.
    • Excellent end results.
    • Quite easily adjustable.
    • Adjusts to most sources.
    • Very powerful and works on thicker wires.
  • Cons:

    • A bit expensive.
    • A bit heavy.
    • The spool attaching part could be better.
    • The gas regulator could be made better.
  • Lincoln-Electric-PRO-MIG-180-Welder
    • Check latest price on Amajon

    Lincoln Electric PRO-MIG 180 Welder.

    Do not want the hassle of dealing with a gas cylinder? Then, this mighty flux cored may help you live an easy life. Apparently, you can use this welder for anything starting from house projects to farm ones.With an input voltage of 230 volts, this welder works easily on thickermetals as well as the thinner walls. You can definitely adjust the voltage incase you do not have a source offering 230 volts. Furthermore, you also get a30-180 output power range which is quite a wide range.So, this tool is quite versatile in what it does for you. Apart from that,It does its job quite smoothly and you will definitely like how smoothly itjoins the metals.If you are a beginner you will have no trouble understanding how this welder works. In fact, it is quite easy to set up and use. The controls that let you adjust the settings are also very straightforward.However, the power cord, much like the last welder we reviewed is short.Also, it is not the most portable welder. It sure is a clever welder usingbrass to brass conducting connection which saves energy and increases efficiency.Given the power this welder works at and provides you with, it is a greatbuy for the price.


    • Very easy to use and set up.
    • The flux core simplifies things further.
    • Very efficient and clever design.
    • Leaves a smooth finish.
    • Does not spatter much.
    • Quite adjustable.
    • Very powerful.
    • Handles various thicknesses well.
  • Cons:

    • Short power cord.
    • Quite expensive.
    • Not very portable.
  • LINCOLN ELECTRIC CO K2697-1 Easy MIG 140

    Lincoln Electric CO K2697-1 Easy MIG 140

    Do not like limitations when it comes to how you can use a tool? The LincolnMIG 140 limits the number of limitations it provides you with. You do not haveto choose between the gas cylinder and flux core because this MIG 140 featuresboth.Therefore, you can switch between the two settings easily whenever you needto. This, however, is not the only adjustability that this welder provides youwith. You can adjust the speed at which the wires are fed very easily as well.The welder works with an input power of 120 volts so you can guess that itis not meant for heavy tasks but minor ones. In fact, it is flexible enough foryou to use on your grand house projects. Apart from that, this welder doeswonders on aluminum, glass, stainless steel, etc.You really will love the end results after working with this welder. Whileit is not a tough welder to use, it does not include a manual. So, those whoare beginner might feel a bit clueless at first but will eventually get a hangof it.It is quite easy to control. Apart from that, it costs lower than the morepowerful welders but the cost is not exactly very low. But, it surely willleave your projects with a professional look with its quality performance.


    • A great choice for beginners.
    • Excellent at doing the minor jobs.
    • Easy to set up and use.
    • Quite adjustable in case of speed and power.
    • Does a good job on the most common metals.
    • Both flux core and gas cylinder mechanisms included.
  • Cons:

    • Does not include a manual.
    • Overheats fast.
  • LONGEVITY MIG Weld 140-140 Amp MIG Welder

    Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG WelderLooking for something affordable that does not need a lot of power but does what you need it to do well? Then, this Longevity Migweld 140 may be a perfect choice. Apparently, it provides you with both a flux core and gas settings.So, you get the flexibility to use it in any way you want. However, theregulator on the gas container is not the best or accurate. Apart from that,this welder is really easy to set and use.As a beginner, you will have no trouble using this welder to complete yourprojects. However, the wire feeder may not do the most wonderful job all thetime. Apparently, parts in it may need to be tightened for the best results.Other than that, it works on only one voltage- 110 volts and does not reallydo great on heavier and thicker wires, But, if you do not need it to work onwhat it cannot work with then this is a good buy for the price.Although it looks quite compact and small, it is quite heavy for easyportability.


    • Quite affordable.
    • Great for small projects.
    • Easy to learn for beginners.
    • Quite versatile in how it works.
    • A few changes can make it work better.
    • Compact for storage.
  • Cons:

    • Not many adjustable options.
    • The wire feeder is not efficient.
    • Not very powerful.
    • May not last long.
    • The gas hose may not be the best.
  • LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MIG Welder

    LOTOS-MIG175-175AMP-Mig-Welder-with-Free-Spool-Gun-Mask-Aluminum-Welding-Wires-Solid-Wires-Argon-Regulator-Standard-MIG-GunAre you a beginner facing trouble dealing with aluminum wires? Then, you canno longer go wrong with the Lotos MIG175. In fact, it is not even just foraluminum welding, you can use it on stainless steel and more of a particularthickness.With 175 ampere power, this welder cannot handle the toughest and thickestmetals but it sure does a great job on the minor ones. The spool gun includedwith it is the best thing you will ever come across. It feeds the aluminum welland leaves a smooth finish.Apart from that, using this tool is no big deal. But, the instructions thatcome with it may seem a bit insufficient. However, YouTube will provide youwith the best instructions you can ever get. Other than that, this doesoverheat quite quickly.At the price it comes at, it does an excellent job and lasts long. But, initially, you may have to change or fix a few parts.


    • Great for aluminum welding.
    • Reasonable price.
    • Easy to use.
    • Lasts long to satisfy.
    • Flux cored.
    • Easy to carry.
  • Cons:

    • Not all parts are great.
    • No instructions.
    • May overheat quickly.
  • Everlast Poweri-MIG 140E MIG Welder

    Everlast-Poweri-MIG-140E-MIG-Welder-110-120-volt-GreenWant something that is light but does not fail in might? This EverlastPoweri-MIG 140E Welder may be what you are looking for. With a duty cycle of35%, it does more and rests less.Apart from that, do not let the 110-volt input power fool you to thinkingthat it is weak. In fact, it can handle tough metals and also thick diametersreally well. However, the end result it provides is not really the best.You can use it for smaller projects but not the ones that need perfection. Apart from that, it is quite easy to use for beginners. The wire feeding speed and the voltage adjust-ability makes it very user-friendly.Other than that, although it is a great buy for the price, it is not of thebest quality. You may notice parts that look quite cheap. Apart from that, theground clamp and hose that it comes with are quite annoying as they are neitherefficient nor long enough.If you need to carry the welder to places, you can easily do it as thiswelder is very light.


    • Easily portable.
    • Quite powerful compared to its low input power.
    • Works well on metals.
    • High duty cycle.
    • User-friendly for beginners.
    • Good value for the price.
  • Cons:

    • Inefficient ground hose or clamp.
    • Not the best at welding.
  • Forney Easy Weld 261

    Forney-Easy-Weld-261-140-FC-i-MIG-WelderWant a welder that you can carry anywhere easily without the hassle of a gascylinder? This Forney Easy flux cored welder will bring your dream weldingsessions to you with its portability and might. In fact, this 19 lbs welder islightweight enough for you to carry anywhere and use however you want.In fact, you can weld both thick and thin wires with this beauty.Furthermore, it is not that tough of a job for beginners either. Apparently,this welder comes with well-written, descriptive instructions.  You will find that adding some accessories to it will give you betterresults. Yes, it will include more expenses but the results you will get areworth it. While this welder is user-friendly in every way possible, it does nothave a great speed.So, although you get a quality product and quality performance, you will getit at a slower pace. But, it is still worth it for the price you pay.


    • Very lightweight and portable.
    • No gas cylinder.
    • Does well on thin and thick wires.
    • Quite easy to use.
    • Good value for the price.
    • Quality build.
  • Cons:

    • A bit slow.
  • Sealey SUPERMIG180

    SEALEY-SUPERMIG180-180AMP-PROFESSIONAL-MIG-WELDERLooking for a welder that comes built with years of experience? Then, thisSealey SuperMIG 180 welder may fit your needs best. In fact, the brand has 34years of experience in this field which could barely go wrong when serving you.Apparently, this welder has an output power of 180 amperes so you can workon thick wires easily. Furthermore, it comes with a cooler in it, how cool isthat? Well, cool enough to increase the duty cycle and be more efficient.Furthermore, you have to use it with gas but any gas among the two optionsyou have. This does limit portability a bit. However, its ease of use covers upfor the lack of portability.For the price it comes at, it does a more than decent job of welding.


    • A brand with experience.
    • Easy to use.
    • Suitable with any gas.
    • Comes with a cooler.
    • Features a torch.
    • Good at welding.
    • Reasonable price.
  • Cons:

    • Not the most portable.
    • May need better accessories.
  • ZENY MIG130 Gas-Less Wire Automatic Feed Welder

    ZENY-MIG130-Gas-Less-Flux-Core-Wire-Automatic-Feed-Welder-Welding-MachineDo not want to work with gas when welding? Yes, carrying a gas cylinder andrefilling is quite tedious. The ZENY No-gas welder is what you need to have alight yet powerful welding session.Apparently, this welder has an input voltage of 110 volts and an outputpower of 60 amperes. So, it is not meant for heavy-duty work or thinks wires.This is not a con because at the price this welder comes at, you can barelyexpect a good quality weld on thinner metals even.However, it does weld well on what it can weld. The machine is lightweightenough to be carried easily. But, for the best performance, right out of thebox, make sure you use new flux core wires instead of the ones that come withit because those are terrible.Although the price suggests otherwise, this machine is quite well-built andwill last very long. You can only use this for minor welding works.


    • Very affordable.
    • Great for minor welding works.
    • Easy to master for beginners.
    • Quite portable.
    • Does not require gas.
  • Cons:

    • The included wires are terrible.
  • Best MIG Welder Reviews: The Buying Guide

    The task you need to do.

    Before you look for features you want in a welder, you have to figure outwhat you will be doing first. This usually means the type of welding most ofyour projects will need. For example, you may weld aluminum more and never weldsteel ever.Apart from that, the thickness of the metal you will be welding matters bigtime. The thicker the metal, the more powerful the welder needs to be. Forexample, an 8 gauge metal may require a power of 165 Amperes while a 24 Gaugemetal will require 24 amperes.Therefore, the first and most important step when looking for a welder is todetermine what you need it for.

    The Type of welder you need.

    Yes, you are here looking for a MIG welder but there are a few other typesavailable that may suit you better. That is why it is best if you know thevarious types available clearly to finally decide if a MIG welder is actuallywhat you want. There are mainly three kinds of welders available.Stick Welder: If you are not looking to weld metals thatare thinner than 18 gauge then stick welder is something you can consider.Apparently, stick welders use a welding stick powered by an electric current todo its job. But, it is not the best choice for a beginner because it is hard tolearn and requires practice to get adept at.You will definitely make a lot of expensive mistakes when using this welder.Apart from that, it requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning after work aswell.TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) Welder: Unlike stick welder that uses a welding stick to weld, a TIG welder uses a consumable tungsten electrode with shielding gas to weld. You can use it to weld thin sections of a few metals. However, this is the most difficult process to learn and is also very slow.But, the result is equally high-quality and flawless.MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welder: If you are a beginner wantingto learn to weld at the fastest speed with the least trouble then the MIGwelder is what you need. Also, MIG welder allows you to weld on a wider rangeof thicknesses of metals. Apparently, it uses a wire welding electrode that isfed automatically into the welder through a spool.This does not create a mess or require much cleaning either. However, allthis convenience comes at a higher cost than other welders available.

    A gas cylinder or not.

    You do not want the metal you are welding to be contaminated. Luckily, a MIGwelder uses either of two techniques to protect the metal from beingcontaminated. One is it either uses a flux core or includes a gas cylinder.Apparently, a flux-cored welder does not need a separate gas cylinder to protect the metal. The flux-cored wire itself shield the arc from contamination and creates a layer that needs to be chipped away.On the other hand, a welder with a gas cylinder usually uses argon withcarbon dioxide or just carbon dioxide to create a protective environment forthe welding metals. This requires you to connect the welder to a gas cylinder,which can be a bit bothersome and expensive at times. Furthermore, the flow ofthe gas needs to be controlled.It is best to find a welder that can do both as you will have theflexibility to choose whichever is needed.

    The Input Power you can provide.

    A welder will be quite useless if you do not have outputs in our house thatcan provide the required input power to the welder. The wrong voltage can harmyour welder and make it inefficient. Usually, the lowest voltages require are110, 115, and 120 volts.You can use a welder with such inputs only if you are looking to work onvery thin metals that do not require much output. Because the lower the inputpower, the lower will be the output power. These powers are usually suited forhousehold projects.On the other hand, if you are looking to do heavy-duty projects, especiallyat construction sites then the welders with input powers of 220, 225, and 230volts are better choices. However, you have to make sure there is a strongenough source wherever you are using it in.

    The Output Power your metal needs.

    The different metals of different thicknesses require different outputpowers. In fact, it is not surprising that thicker metals need more power.Therefore, if you are planning to work on thicker metals then choose higheroutput power in amperes.Apparently, you will find charts that provide you with a clear idea of whatoutput power a certain thickness requires.

    The Duty Cycle you prefer most.

    Apparently, the duty cycle is a combination of the amount of time the welderwill work and the amount of time it will need to cool down after that beforebeing used again. The lesser time it needs cooling down, the better it is foryou. In fact, the duty cycle is usually expressed in percentages where thetotal is 10 minutes.For example, a 60% duty cycle means that the welder works for 6 minutes andneeds a cooling period of 4 minutes. On the other hand, a 40% duty cycle wouldmean the welder works for 4 minutes and needs a cooling period of 6 minutes. Afew welders reduce the cooling time with built-in fans.The lesser the cooling time, the faster the performance you get.

    Inclusion of a spool gun.

    Aluminum wires tend to get bent or are not fed incorrectly in normalwelders. Apparently, aluminum wires are usually fed with spool guns that put itin the right place in the right way. If you plan to work with aluminum, youshould check if the welder comes with a spool gun.Many welders do not. However, you should at least make sure that a separatespool gun can be attached to the welder if necessary.

    Protection against overheat and short circuit.

    You really do not want your expensively useful welder to go to waste because of a short circuit you had no control over. Apparently, welders often come with various protective mechanisms within them that protect the unit and you in case a short circuit or overheating occurs.This will ensure the durability of the welder you buy and save you fromunwanted trouble.

    The type of gas used and the regulator.

    You should check what gas the welder works best with. Apparently, it ismostly Argon, Carbon Dioxide and a mixture of both used as the fuel. You shouldcheck the proportion of the two you want to use.Apart from that, the welder should let you regulate the speed of the flow ofthe gases. It should not only be easy to use but also very accurate.

    The Portability.

    You may use the welder at home or you may want to carry it to work everyday. Whichever it is, a lightweight welder with a convenient and comfortablehandle has no replacement. Even when working, you want to be able to easilymove the welder into place.While the heavy-duty welders are rather heavy, they can also be moved easilyby keeping them on wheels. However, even if you use wheels, the welder needs tobe portable enough to be placed on the carrier easily.This will ease up your chores very much as you never know when and where youmight need a welder.

    The Price and Warranty.

    Expensive does not necessarily mean high-quality when it comes to welders.Well, yes, it may be of high quality but what matters more are suitablefeatures. You may find a very expensive welder with a spool gun but you do noteven need a spool gun. So, it won’t be a clever buy.Likewise, you have look for the features you need that the welders provideat the best price. Buying from well-known brands is a good way to ensurequality.Apart from that, always check warranty terms because that is very importantwhen you are buying electric products. You may know really well how to use itbut you will possibly not know how to fix it if anything goes wrong or waswrong from the very beginning.

    Best MIG Welder Reviews :The Benefits

    Buying a tool is always an investment because of the money you save and alsofor the things you can make. The benefits of buying a MIG welder are:

    • Easy to use: Apparently, unlike other welder types, MIG welders are more popular among beginners now. The main reason for that is that these are far easier to use than other ones.
    • Less mess: While most welding sessions create a lot of mess, a welding session with a MIG welder won’t create as much mess. You can rest peacefully after a day’s hard work.
    • More thickness: If you want to work on thicker metals with the least trouble, then the MIG welders are the modern solution to all your problems.
  • Best MIG Welders Review : Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do welders come with safety gears?

    Answer: Some welders brands provide the safety gears like mask and gloves with the package, and some do not. It also depends on the model you are buying and the price. However, if the welder does not come with one, you should buy it yourself.Apparently, most of the gears that come with the welder itself are of lower quality. So, having your own separate safety gears is a better idea.

    2. Is it safe to weld indoors?

    Answer: If there is sufficient flow of air indoors then itis quite safe to weld indoors. However, you should never weld in enclosedplaces especially when you are using gas for protecting the metal. Exposure tothe high amounts of carbon dioxide and argon can cause you harm.So, either weld outdoors or indoors with sufficient ventilation.

    In conclusion

    When you are buying a complex tool such as a welder that too of a certainkind, you can never be too careful. If the welder you choose is wrong or lowquality, it is not just the welder you lose but also the metal you work on. So,the combined loss is much greater without even considering the mental stress itcauses.Therefore, it is better to be careful about choosing the best welder from the very beginning. Pin down your needs, pin down the welder features and finally check the quality and credibility. Our best MIG welder reviews 2019 should really help you have a greater idea about what can cause you peace and what you can skip. So, happy buying now.


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