Hobart Handler 190 Review


When you are in dire need of a MIG welder, the only thing that basically stops you is the price. The tight budget limits many of the benefits and for this, you don’t get a unit that will satiate you. If that is something you are worried about then we would say HAKUNA MATATA! Because this MIG welder 190 by Hobart is not only affordable to own but also offers excellent performance.

You don’t believe it? Then go through the Hobart Handler 190 Review below where you will get to know almost everything about the unit.

Features of Hobart ​Handler 190 with Spool Runner 100


This Hobart Handler 190 delivers 25amps to 190amps output at a 30% duty cycle while operating on 230V input power. This is a little drawback since it won’t run on any household power outlet and you have wire it in to make the machine work. On top of that, it can only be played with a generator having a minimum of 7000 watts.

However, it is able to weld 24 gauge up to 5/16inch steel in just one pass. Not just that, it can also deal with other materials such as aluminum, flux core, mild steel, stainless steel and so on. So, if you want to get optimum welding success, this makes a great choice.

However, it might not work well with heavy-duty projects like it does with light-duty ones so there are some limitations.

Voltage selections:

The Hobart Handler 190 MIG welder comes with a 7-position voltage switch that controls wire speed while ensuring professional bead appearance, better welding arc performances, outstanding penetration, low spatter and post-welding cleanup.

So, it lets you switch the settings easily on the basis of material type and thickness. And we can also say that its arc is able to match the material thickness and wire diameter more perfectly than any of its rivals.

The best part is that the setting also lets you weld 4 to 8-inch reels which can be mounted to the back of the handle easily.

​As a result, it makes the entire machine balanced and enable you to work precisely in tight areas. 

So, the machine is going to be very convenient for enjoying your desired result.

Spool Gun:

You will get a spool gun circuitry that comes incorporated so that it can make things less complicated for you. Coming in 5 pounds weight, the spool-runner can handle wire of around .023 inch to .035 inch. This spool-runner helps a lot in eliminating bulkiness that additional accessories come with. 

And it’s a big plus to have the welder since it simplifies the project like a butter. So, what you should do is that, plug the spool gun right into the machine, and take advantage of it like the way you want.


One of the most useful features of Hobart Handler 190 is that it has a contractor that comes equipped to ease use. You can call it a safety feature which helps in making wire cold electrically when the unit is not in use.

Self-restarting system:

The unit comes with thermal overload protection. It is a system that makes the unit restart on its own after reaching maximum power so that it can protect the unit from overheating. As a result, the feature helps the welder last longer than you expect.


The Hobart Handler 190 MIG Welder will get you a dual gauge regulator so you can check the flow of shielding gas to the welding puddle. It also includes a gas hose for gas welding and cutting. Although it has been claimed to be ‘way too stiff’ as per some users.

However, since it works on electricity, you will get a cord which is albeit stated to come in 10 feet long, but in fact it comes in around 5.5 feet.


Usually, it will take you around 15 minutes to assemble the entire unit with its accessories. You will get a user’s manual with the machine which has been described easily so you can follow it and set the welder up. The manual also includes other information which will help you know about using the machine properly.

​Not just that, you will also get to know about ideal voltage settings on the basis of material thickness and type.

Let’s watch a video : Hobart 190 MIG Welder Review


• Amazing control of the output.• Easy material welding. • It offers 7 different output voltage settings.• It comes with a wire-speed control system.• A built-in contractor for safety.• Durable construction. • Great for light-duty projects. • Comes with Spool-Runner, Gas hose, Regulator and other extras. • Easy to assemble and operate.• Delivers smooth and clean weld.• Able to weld 4-inch to 8-inch reels.• It offers versatility in welding applications.


• Wrong information regarding the length of the power cord.• Not for heavy-duty projects.• Poor information is given regarding the unit.• Might not work on a standard power outlet.• The hose is stiff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does the unit weigh?

A: The unit weighs 65 pounds itself. However, it becomes 89 pounds after you assemble all the accessories including spool gun.

Q: What gasses will you need for welding?

A: For welding aluminum, you will need Argon gas and for steel, you will require a mix of argon and carbon dioxide. We would suggest you read the instruction manual that comes with the machine. You will find a list regarding the use of gas according to the type of welding.

Q: How great the welder is when it comes to handling various thickness?

A: The MIG welder is great in handling different thickness at the range of 1mm to 10mm. However, if you want to weld half-inch steel, it will be better if you get the next size up. As for welder 190, it works great on sheet metal with a thickness of 5/16-inch. And if you want to deal with a very thin metal, a TIG welder makes an ideal choice in that case.


So there you go. How was the Hobart 190 MIG Welder Review? Now getting a fine MIG welder in a reasonable price range will not be difficult since Hobart has one of the most amazing machines that can meet your expectations. There are some drawbacks though, but they should not demotivate you to have this superb unit for your welding projects.

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