How thick can a MIG welder weld?

Gas metal arc welding or GMAW is also called MIG welding.

This welding method is popular all over the world, and people use this method to weld things widely. It’s basically a high arc welding process. With this process, the welding person basically feeds a solid wire electrode through the welding gun in order to weld properly. The welding gun also sends in a shielding gas to make your weld more durable and zero contaminated.

The MIG welding process is called the metal inert gas process.

It’s ideal for people from any stage. There is another benefit of MIG welding. It’s super easy to learn. You can learn it easily.

Hobbyist or a DIY person?

No worry, you can choose MIG welding for your home-based jobs. You can weld 24 gauge to 1 or 2 inches thick metal with MIG welding.

What is the best brand of MIG welders?

Well, if you ask about the best brand that gives you durability and performance at the same time, the first name that will come in the scenario is the brand Hobart.

Hobart brand Hobart is making different welding tools for a long time now. This brand is originated in the USA that makes the tools high quality and long-lasting. They offer so much on a short budget. Besides Mig welders, they have a variety of products to choose from.

The Hobart handler Mig welder from them is pretty awesome and perfect for home-based welding activities. You can use it for heavy tasking as well. It comes up with superior power and mechanism to provide you everything.

  • Forney

The brand Forney industries are also based in the USA. This brand is pretty older as well. It was established in 1932, a long ago from this time. This brand has its reputation of serving the highest quality gas metal arc welder.

Wait, wait, wait……

If you’re looking for a welder that’ll do the welding process gently, last longer, and come up with a decent price tag, you can go for Forney’s easy weld machine to help you.

  • Miller

Another master-class brand for high-quality MIG welder is the Miller. This brand is on the field for a long time now. This brand started its journey by making different tools that can deal with metals and rough objects.

The Miller Electric MIG welder is pretty awesome. You can do anything with it. You can go for this brand undoubtedly and rely on them.

How much does a good MIG welder cost?

When you’re on the market looking for a good quality MIG welder, you may get confused about the price. Well, the price range varies from model to model. The beginner MIG welders come up at a 250-500$ price range. You can do all things with the beginner series welders.

Hi,,,,,,,Looking for a pro-level welding machine?

Why don’t you go for a bigger one! A professional MIG welder will cost between 500$ to 700$.

#7 Golden rules to follow while buying a MIG welder

Hell man!!!!! Choosing the best MIG welder is a bit tough task to deal with.

When you’re choosing your welding machine from a thousand, you may get confused easily. Let’s take a look at the guide to learn about what you need to check while you’re buying a welding machine.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is……..

  • Power supply

The most important thing you want to check on a MIG welder is the power supply. The power supply is important as it determines your welding type. Or you can say your weld type will decide which power options you should go for.

Well, when you’re welding thinner material and dealing with thinner welds, you can go for a 100 amp power. The mid-range power supply for a welder is 140-200 amp.

And guess what?

You can buy this range power supply option reliably. Make sure your power supply part works well, as it’ll be dealing with the powerful alternative current.

  • Weld type or nature

Deciding what kind of welding you’ll be doing is essential. If you’re a hobbyist, you need something that offers versatility. The specs of the welder change according to the weld type. Simple repair welding requires 1/16” thickness or 1/8” thickness. It would be best if you decided for which thickness you’ll be going.

  • Feed speed

Next, determine which feed speed will be suitable for you. If you’re buying a welder with slow feed speed, the arc wire will disappear at a glance when you’re welding. On the other hand, if you choose a welder with high feed speed, too much arc wire can cause a mess.

But first warning:

It’s always essential to make sure that the machine has the appropriate feed speed. You just need to choose the right one that suits your style and techniques.

  • Functionality

Make sure the machine you’re buying is versatile and comes up with a comfortable controlling system. This controlling system allows you to operate the machine perfectly.

When you’re welding, you must make sure that the machine comes up with a display, good quality knobs, easy installation feature, long power cord, suitable storage, and everything.

  • Safety tools

Safety tools for such machines are a must. When you’ll be dealing with a high flow of electricity and heat, you need to maintain the safety issues. Make sure your device comes up with thermal overload protection. Welders tend to overheat so easily and to reduce overloading; you need thermal protection installed in your welder.

…I know, bummer right? 

Inbuilt contractors are great as they keep the wires cold. They also switch the power supply when you’re trying to trigger the machine.

  • Extras and accessories

There are several extras you can get with a MIG welder. You can check if your MIG welder having those extras or not. Having a LED with the welder will be a blessing. You can also check if your MIG welder comes up with a welding helmet.

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