Metal Inert Gas welding or MIG welding is a process where a solid electrode wire is inserted through a welding gun, which heats up two metals join them together. Shielding gas is delivered continuously through the gun so that the weld pool can be well protected from any contamination.

MIG welding gun is widely used at home. It enables artists, vehicle or machine enthusiasts, and more to work on their masterpiece efficiently. So, knowing how to use a MIG welder is necessary. There are specific basic MIG welding techniques we all should know about.

Using a MIG welder is easy. People say it’s the most straightforward process to learn; some of them also said that it’s almost like a metal glue gun. There are also certain MIG welding tips for beginners that will come in handy.

Ready to get underway with how to weld with a MIG welder? Stay along with us.

About MIG Welder

In 1940 MIG welding was developed first. The basic principles of welding are still the same, even after 80 years. It creates a short circuit by continuously feeding anode and cathode. The short circuit generates heat, and that heat is used to either join metals together or cut through them.

When the heat is stopped, the metal cools down solidifies. And that turns into a new piece of metal.

MIG welding can be used to weld a variety of different metals such as stainless steel, magnesium, copper, nickel. Carbon steel. Aluminum, and other sorts of alloys

Let’s Begin Welding

The Machine

Before you learn how to use a machine, you got to know about the machines itself. 

There is a spool of wire inside the welder, as well as a row of rollers that guides wire out of the welding gun. There isn’t much happening inside the welder, so all you need to do is get familiar with the parts. From time to time, the wire feed gets stuck. So check it.

The shielding gas is contained in a gas tank that comes with the MIG welder. The gas is either Argon only or a mixture of Carbon dioxide and Argon. As the weld is formed, it is shielded by the gas. Without the gas shield, the weld looks very splattered and unorganized. The tanks gauge has to be reading in between 0 to 2500 PSI. Also, the regulator of the tank has to be between 15 to 25 PSI depending on your preference and your welding gun uses.

The welding gun is the main thing we work with. Most of the attention will be on the welding gun when you’re working. The gun has a trigger that is used to control the electricity flow and the wire feed. A replaceable copper tip guides the wire.  A ceramic or metal cup covers outside of the gun’s tip.

You only need a ground clamp in the circuit, which is a cathode. Make sure you clean any rust or paint because you need the clip to be in good contact along with the piece you’re welding.


Safety is always the main priority. The first and foremost MIG welding tip for the beginners is to secure the safety first. MIG welding is smooth, but without proper knowledge safety could be the issue

Welding emits enough light that has the power to burn your eyes or skin. Indeed, the light is so incredibly bright. It will help if you have a good piece of a welding mask. The mask will cover your eyes as well as your face. The darkening glass in the mask will prevent the bright light from harming your eyes, and the other part of the mask will safeguard your face.

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