Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet Review


​​​Alright, we completely understand how hard it is for you to weld the stuffs together while wearing a bad hood. But, why would you tolerate such kind of hell, mate?

Don’t you know! That you can grab one of the coolest welding hoods that has reasonable price range as well as solid protections to benefit you?

And yes, we are talking about Lincoln 3350 Welding Helmet Review.

Coming in classic black, not only you can use it for welding but also for cutting and grinding. Right from its glossy color to its security performance, the helmet possesses almost everything that you need.

So, if you are curious enough to know about this cool hood, jump to its review that has been given below!

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Features of Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet

Vast viewing area:

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet features a big viewing window that you will find very convenient for working on your welding projects. With a size coming in 3.74 inches by 3.34 inches, it offers a full range of vision when it comes to its welding area. So, you will have a complete control to weld stuffs effortlessly. The longer view it provides, the more you can perform your tasks easily which means the more productivity you will have.

You will not only be benefited with a vast viewing area, 3350 also provides you with 4C technology that has more perks to enjoy. Because with this, you will have a clearer view so that you can use the hood up for a variety of welding projects that will further helps in increasing your productivity. As a result, you will find it outstanding for different kinds of applications like power generation, shipbuilding, pipeline or general fabrication which involves welding process especially.

Speaking more of 4C technology, it also helps in enriching visibility by lessening the lime green tint while it preserves the existing optical clarity rating. So, 3350 will be the wisest pick.

Variable shade range:

3350 has proven itself to be super versatile and we will tell you how! Not only you will be able to use it for welding but you can use it for working with other projects. The hood features 5 through 8 shade that happens to be great for a variety of cutting, be it gas or oxy-fuel. Plus, it also comes with 9 through 13 shade that is ideal for different welding jobs.

Grind mode:

Lincoln electric viking 3350 welding helmet allows you to set it to the grind mode. Through this, you can get a suitable shade for different lighting conditions which you will be welding under.

Cheater lens ready:

The hood also comes with cheater lens that you can fit easily as per your requirements. So if you think you will be needing a bit more magnification while loading, this feature will help you do it.

Spare lens covers:

The helmet will also get you two inner lens covers and a pack of outer lens covers for replacement. There is a high chance that the lens will get scratched easily since you will be involved in welding job. So you will surely need some spares.

Bag and Bandana:

You will also have a bag and a bandana that have been included with the hood. To talk about the bag, you will find a big room inside of it so it can accommodate helmet as well as other accessories. And as for the bandana, it will basically help you soak up your sweat while welding after you wear it beneath the hood.


Having been constructed with Nylon Poly-carbonate material, the helmet will be there to offer longer durability.

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Low visibility:

There are many users who have found it hard to see through the glass even though it does quick response to weld light and comes with big viewing window. As a result, it made the visibility pretty low while now striking an arc. Besides, users have also complained that the lens made it hard for them to see during structural weld. So, it can be a big con for you.

Loose head gear:

We have also found users griping about the headgear of the hood. They feel that the headgear has been cheaply made since it keeps on sliding down while they work. So, you may find it infuriating as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you use this welding helmet for stick, MIG, and TIG?

A: Yes, you can use Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet for stick, TIG, MIG, and flux. Plus, the hood also works great for a variety of welding processes, inside or outside. However, you may need to adjust its sensitivity for outside welding.

Q: Does the hood come with a battery backup excluding solar power?

A: There are a lot of users who think that the welding helmet runs on solar power only but that is not the case. The solar power is meant for sensitivity and lens delay operation. As for the battery, that is used for darkening the lens. So, the lens will never work without the lithium battery. However, using the helmet regularly and continuously will drain the battery quick so there are some disadvantages.

Q: Does the helmet come with head band?

A: Yes,Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Welding Helmet comes with a headband. You can adjust it as well with a dial for your head fitting.

Q: Where is the grind mode located? Inside or outside the hood?

A: The grind mode switch is located inside the gear and it is very convenient to use.

Let`s watch a video : Lincoln 3350 Welding Helmet Review


Yes, there are some small drawbacks that can stop you from having the hood. But if Lincoln think of sorting out those issues and come up with better versions, you will find it the most perfect helmet by the brand without any flaws.. But then again, these are very little cons to just forget and avoid. So, if you think its advantages have pulled you already towards it, then why not grab it?

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