Lincoln MIG Welder 180 Review

MIG welders are the best for beginners and hobbyists to weld. As it is easy to operate, almost everyone suggests going for MIG welders to enter the world of welding.

However, choosing the best MIG welder from the hundreds might be a daunting task.

Why will you buy lincoln MIG Welder 180?

Many manufacturers with a wide range of MIG welders claim their products to be the best.

But, it is not the claim but the quality and efficiency that determine the best welder.

When we speak of one of the best, one machine comes in our mind first. And that is Pro MIG 180 manufactured by Lincoln.

This machine can offer you a lot of perks this, and we have thought to help you out by spotlighting them. Our review for Lincoln Pro MIG 180 will help you know the unique features, advantages, and disadvantages.

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Features of Lincoln Pro MIG Welder 180?

How to setup Flux-core and MIG:

Although the unit has been set up for flux core welding, it comes with nozzles to use it for MIG welding as well. You will need to hook the bottle up with the included hose and regulator set. And then change the wire to the .025-inch spool that comes with the unit.

 You will also need to change the wire feed drive roller and install a small contact tip and nozzle on the gun. However, you also have to make sure that you reverse the polarity of wire while you switch to MIG welding.

You will get three rollers, which cover different sizes of wire and make the unit versatile again.

You will find controls are simple to use. There is also a chart to help you in adjusting the machine to provide you with professional performance.

The best part is that the machine is highly forgiving in MIG mode, thanks to diamond core technology. So, it will benefit not only pro welders but also the new welder.

Output level:

Lincoln pro MIG welder 180 comes with a handle to change output level with ease. You can switch between thin sheet welding to flux-cored one for thick steel. Moreover, the control knob allows you to set it in “120” settings for light steel or aluminum welding.

 But, make sure that you cut off the Generator or IPS connection before working with the gear. Otherwise, it can cause a severe hazard.

However, the unit possesses 180 amps output: a little lower than many other welders. So, it won’t be a very great pick for heavy-duty projects. However, it has been designed for versatility, which makes up for that little drawback.

Dual input power:

The big plus of the Lincoln 180 MIG welder is that it has no voltage limitation. You will get dual voltage support that lets you use it anywhere, be it in-house or working site.

So when you require more power, you will have access to 208/230V input power that makes the welder super versatile. And with that, you will able to weld thicker materials to handle a variety of projects.

Duty Cycle:

With its duty cycle, it has been rated for 130A by 20V by 30%. It means the welding machine can run for 3 minutes at a stretch at 130 amps. After that, you will need to give it at least 7 minutes to cool down and get ready for use again.

To be on the safe side, it will be great to weld on a setting below 130amps. This way, the welder will not heat up that fast, and you can work for a more extended period.

Drive system:

Another feature that makes Lincoln 180 pro MIG welder the most wanted is its adjustable drive system. It reduces the chance of wire tangling and crushing, so it does not harm your work.


The Lincoln 180 is weighty, and this unit comes in 66 pounds.


You can weld metal as thick as ½-inch flux-core wire. Besides, it can also weld up to 3/16-inch steel with gas shielding. To get the best of this machine, read the Lincoln 180 MIG welder manual.


  • Dual input power offers versatility.
  • Perfect for welding on thicker materials.
  • It produces minimal spatter as it comes with a smooth arc.
  • Works on steel, stainless steel, thick steel, sheet steel, and aluminum.
  • Well-built inside out.
  • Great for both beginners and professionals.
  • Prevent crushing and wire tangling with the adjustable drive system.
  • Easy to switch between Flux-core to MIG welding.
  • Great for light-duty projects.
  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • Not ideal for regular heavy-duty use.
  • Heavy to carry.
  • The on/off switch is flimsy and wears out soon.

Why Does It Stand Out Apart from The Crowd?

You may now ask, why is this model of Lincoln MIG welder stands apart from the crowd? How is it unique? 

Well, it comes with a variety of new features and advantages than that of other models offered by different brands.

The first thing is it comes with a sleek design. A great combination of red and black have made it trendy and fashionable.

With a sturdy and robust handle made Lincoln 180 very portable. You can carry it anywhere safely with the handles even though this unit is heavy.

A sound output range is another thing to mention about this welder. With an impressive 30-180 amp, you can weld a variety of steel and metals with comfort. This range is enough to perform even the most challenging welding tasks.

When it comes to the penetration performance into the steel, it can weld any steel of up to 1/2” thick with little effort. It uses self-shielded inner shield wires to perform the welding.

Many MIG welders come with the danger of wire tangling and crushing. But, Lincoln Pro MIG Welder 180 has come out with a solution. The full precision full adjustment drive system works great to get relief from wire tangling and crushing.

Enhanced connectivity is another excellent feature that makes Lincoln Pro MIG Welder 180 one of the best welder.

It uses a closed-design drive motor to ensure improved torque and better performance.

It comes with an innovative contact tip, nozzle storage along with the drive tool. So, you need not worry about buying all these from third parties.

The exclusive features and characteristics have made Lincoln Pro 180 a desirable MIG welder for both beginners and experts.

Warranty Policy for Lincoln Pro MIG 180

With the warranty, Lincoln Pro MIG 180 does not lack the confidence of making it more.

 If you buy this welder from amazon or any of their authorized distributors, you will get a 3-year warranty to receive service from the manufacturing company.

If any defects or issues rises within the warranty period, you will either get a free repair or replacement.

 The warranty will start from the purchasing date. You can claim the warranty by messaging or calling the manufacturer.

What’s Included with Lincoln Pro MIG Welder 180?

Lincoln Pro MIG Welder comes with some guns, welding wires, shielding gas apparatus, and other materials. Here are the accessories that come with the Lincoln Pro MIG Welder 180:


  • Magnum (copyrighted) gun of 100L along with 3 meters of the cable assembly.
  • A 4-pin MS type connection along with the brass gun connection for controlling the trigger.
  • Contact tips of 0.90 mm (.25 inch) and 0.60 mm (.35 inch)
  • A gasless nozzle (KH726) to ensure Innershield (copyrighted) welding.
  • For MIG welding a gas nozzle will be there (KH725)
  •  For 203mm diameter spools, this package comes with a suitable spindle adapter

Shielding Gas Apparatus:

  • Harris (copyrighted) gas regulator with 1.3-meter hose.

You require these to use with Ar/CO2 or only CO2 gases. However, if you need to work with CO2 shielding gas, then get a Lincoln Electric S19298 bottle adapter

Welding Wire:

  • .025 inches sample spool premium MIG wire of SuperArc L-56
  • .035 inches flux-cored wire of Innershield NR


  • 3 meters of cable along with work clamp
  • DVD to let you learn the welding.

Recommended Accessories to get the best of Lincoln 180 Pro MIG Welder

Here is a list of accessories you should buy to squeeze the best of Lincoln 180 Pro MIG welder:

Welding Cart:

A welding cart helps to store and transport the welder. You can order the K2275-3 welding cart for your 180 Pro MIG welder to ensure the highest safety. This welding cart features an 80 cubic foot gas cylinder along with the required welding cables and accessories. To make sure that you can easily access the welder controls, it features an angled top shelf. To add more space for storage, it accommodates a lower tray. As a cable wrap hanger, a sturdy handle is also featured here.

Utility Cart:

You can also order the K520 Utility Cart. It does the same as the welding cart. On top of those, the handle it comes with is adjustable to various heights.


We hope you have enjoyed this review on Lincoln Pro MIG 180 and got all your questions answered. This welder let you weld different materials of any thickness and provide you with impressive performances.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you convert it to TIG?

A: No, you cannot convert the machine to TIG.

Q: Does it come with Gas setup?

A: It has been set up for Flux core. But you will get wire, hose, regulator, and nozzle fittings to convert it to Gas mode.

You will need to buy a bottle of gas, either Argon or CO2. But reverse the polarity first while you switch to gas.

Q: Does it come with an internal fan?

A: Yes, Lincoln MIG welder 180 comes with an internal fan. It will kick start when the machine gets hot. However, keep it idle for some time, so it gets cooled down, and you can use it again.

Q: What size breaker you should use in a panel?

A: The specifications demand a 20A constant power supply. So, you can install a 30A, 230V size breaker for your panel.

Q:  How thick can a Lincoln 180 Weld?

A: If you use the flux core wire system, you can weld steel with a maximum thickness of 0.5 inches. However, this can go as high as 3/16” if you use the gas shielding.

Q: Is welding aluminum possible with Lincoln 180 Pro MIG welder?

A: Yes, you can weld aluminum with Lincoln 180 Pro welder. But, you cannot do so in default mode. Configure your welder in a different way when you wish to work with aluminum.

However, it takes little time to reconfigure to weld aluminum. The easiest solution is to buy a spool gun designed to work with aluminum welding.

Q: Is MIG welding easier than stick?

A: MIG is beginner-friendly and easy to work with. So, it is supposed to be more comfortable and way safer than stick welding.

Q: What is the duty cycle for this model?

A: The duty cycle output for this model is: Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle 208: 130A/17.6V/30% 230: 130A/20V/30%.

Q: Can I use a generator to power this unit up?

A: Yes. You can run it with a generator of 6000 watts or more.

Q: What is the most oversized spool that Lincoln Electric Pro 180 can hold?

A: The most oversized spool it can hold is 8 inches, which may weight like 10 to 12.5 lbs.

Q: Does this welder features a plug to power it up?

A: Yes, this unit comes with a plug. But, maybe you need another if your connection is different.

Q: Which gauge should I buy for this welder?

A: It depends on the length and type of wire

Q: What is the perfect voltage to run this welder model?

A: You require to ensure 240v to run this welder smoothly.

Q: What is the usual wire used by this welder?

A: Lincoln 180 Pro welder generally uses .35 MIG wire.

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