Longevity MIG Weld 140 Review

Being a welder, one of the most vital equipment you will need is a welder. You have a lot o​​​​f projects pending, and since you don’t own a decent machine, you find yourself screwed up.At this moment, we would like to take your attention to this MIG welder by Longevity that offers long-lasting performance with a lot of advantages.

And if you have not heard about it yet, then this Longevity MIG Weld 140 Review will introduce you to the machine that we will be talking about.

So, let’s weld all the features together here!

An Overview of Specifications

  • Height: 14.5 inches.
  • Length: 16 inches.
  • Width: 9.6 in.
  • Input Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Duty Cycle: 90A 18V 20%
  • Process Type: MIG, Flux Core
  • Weld Thickness: 24 ga. – 1/4 inches.
  • Wire Feed Speed Range: 59-393 IPM
  • Welding Amperage Range: 25-140 A sweatband
  • Product weight: 54 lb.

Features of The Longevity MIGWeld 140

Efficient Power Options

The Longevity 140 MIG welder comes with 25 amps to 140 amps output power with ten voltage settings. You will find a chart right inside the door that will help you go with the ideal wire feed speed and voltage settings based on different welding applications.

As for its duty cycle, it has been rated for 20% at 90 amps, which you will find kind of standard for 140amps welder.

 So, you will get a few minutes runtime, which is enough for welding application before you keep it idle for cooling it down.

Coming with 110-volt input power, the welder is very much compatible with any household power outlet. So, it happens to be a very convenient welder to use anywhere without any worries.

 However, since the input power is 110 volt, you might have less amperage level that can limit you to work on different tasks.

Top-Notch Design

The welder comes with a dimension of 16-inch x 14.5-inch x 9.6-inch. It has a handle on the top of the engine along with a user-friendly control panel that has two knobs in front of the unit for efficiently controlling all the functionalities of the welding machine.

The wire feed mechanism includes a drive that is made of metal. A smooth-running belt is also connected to there for the interruption-free rotational operation.

You’ll also find a trigger that you can use a spool gun for optionally. The 10-ft lead runs with the support of a conveniently long power cord. You’ll find comfort in your job site all the more for the unit also boasts a flow gauge and a pressure gauge.

And the goodness doesn’t just end here as the Longevity welder 140 also has a rheostat that you can utilize to control the temperature.

It’s such a dynamic unit that you’ll adore for sure whether you are a professional or a newbie.

Gas Supported Mechanism

This exemplary welding machine boasts more than one power option to add to your convenience. Apart from the regular electrical plug outlet of your household, you can also power it with gas.

It’s such a dynamic feature to have in a welder that enables you to work anywhere you prefer. 

Especially if you happen to be a DIY hobbyist, you can expect to accomplish your expectations with more ease.

Welds Without a Spool Gun

This feature is a definite indicator of this welding machine’s superior capabilities. It raises your welding efficiency of ⅜” mild steel without the necessity of a spool gun. 

The welder is capable of welding exotic metals like aluminum and metabolic metals with brilliant arc performance without making you sweat on it.

Besides, it’s also versatile enough to provide an option to use it with a spool gun for those who prefer.

Heat Adjustability

The 110-volt MIG welder comes with an easy to adjust temperature control system. It saves the machine from the extreme heat produced by the push of the trigger every time during a welding project.

Thermal Overload Resistant

This feature comes to your rescue during working with the welding machine for a more extended period.

This feature forces the MIG welder to kick and shut itself down once the device reaches its maximum percentage of the duty cycle. It’s pretty much like a warning bell that directs you when to stop your welding machine.

More so, it gives itself the much-needed rest it needs to cool down properly before it gets ready to crash a few more metals.

 And, to make sure you don’t get annoyed to be made waiting for long, the unit takes a mere few minutes to cool itself down.


Not only is it suitable for MIG welding but also Flux core welding. You will get a .030inch spool of MIG wire, but if you want to start MIG welding, you have to buy a gas cylinder separately.

But if you plan to use it for flux core welding, you can use it without the need for gas, but you have to buy some flux core wire for this.

The unit can weld up to 3/8-inch mild steel, and you will find it accurate with materials having thickness up to 1/8 inch. So, you can say that it is going to be an excellent machine for light-duty work.

However, the only issue here is that it will not work well with heavy-duty projects, which can play as a con for you.

That said, the machine can help you in different welding applications. No matter what the project is, repairing or construction, it makes an ideal choice.

If you’re wondering what projects the MIG weld would accomplish, let me tell you that this sturdy piece of equipment is a perfect choice for home repair projects, recreational use, and light fabrications.

 Besides, you can use it for furniture building, motorcycles repairing or making Barbeque pits, hot rods, ornamental gates, and so on.


Longevity 140 MIG welder weighs about 54 pounds, which happens to be a standard weight for a MIG welder. However, as you can already guess, it is indeed going to be very heavy when it comes to its portability.

 So, if you want to move it from one spot to another, you will need a welding cart to get the job done. Because you cannot move it yourself just by dragging or pushing it.

Ease of Setup and Use

You will find it very easy to assemble thanks to the supplied plug. The unit also comes with a panel so you can see all the settings right before you. 

Not just that, you will also be able to fine-tune the machine as per your preferred requirements with a few adjustments.

​This way, you will get the most precise and quick results every time you work with it.

In addition to this, you will also find settings for arc volts, wire-speed, and so on for your convenience.

And the best part is that you will find everything easy to use. And that’s the reason why it has been called ideal for almost every welder.

Accessories Included

You will be delighted to discover a number of accessories that comes within the box. These additional tools ensure you can make the best out of all the functionality right away. Have a look at what you’ll expect to find.


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